Painters Advice

Regarding non commercial reasons a conventional 9 ” roller frame is normally a superb choice. Select a top quality roller frame, typically the sort that grips the roller cover at the ends appears to rollout finer as opposed to wire birdcage sort of roller body.

Pick a top quality roller cover. With regard to latex paint any synthetic fiber 3/8 or 1/2  in nap allows the very best all around capabilities with regard to painting any smooth or semi-smooth areas for walls along with ceilings.

Avoid the use of any roller paint tray, purchase a 5 gallon pail and then a roller grid. The grid hangs over the inside rim of the bucket, this gives for coming away excessive paint out of your roller.

Work with a roller extension rod. A home owner does not need to buy a high-quality extension pole, however, a roller rod is a wonderful time plus back saving purchase. Think about the height of the rooms and ceiling, typically any four ft . extension rod really should be  satisfactory.


Brand new along with older paint formulations may bring about some  frustration concerning the types of paints readily available in addition to what the differences tend to be among them.

There’s two fundamental kinds of house paint commonly utilised with regard to residential uses:

“Latex” or water based paint

“Oil” or “Alkyd” based paint

The term “Latex paint” is employed by a few paint suppliers to make reference to their water based paints. There isn’t any natural latex within modern paints.

The word “Oil based”  is used in order to refer to paints that contain a linseed oil or perhaps Alkyd base. ‘Alkyd” is actually a fabricated oil base. These kind of paints require a solvent like mineral spirits meant for thinning and also clean up. Oil and Alkyd based paints are almost solely thought to be “enamels” because of their hard resilient shine or semigloss finish and are typically used in covering windows, doorways, and also woodworking trim.

“Acrylic” or  “Acrylic Latex” paint are generally water based paints which contain “Acrylic” as the film collecting binder element. Neither consist of any kind of natural latex as an compound. “Acrylic” provides a low yellowing long-lasting finish.

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